Dental internet marketing is becoming a very popular choice for top cosmetic dentists nationwide.

Just as your dental practice has adopted new, more efficient and less invasive ways of treating your patients, your marketing campaign must find new ways to bring those patients to your door. Although word of mouth referrals will always be your best advertising, internet dental marketing is an absolute necessity for today's thriving practices.

Fact: People will seek a dentist on the internet before using the yellow pages!

Potential customers will turn to the internet for answers and seek out those professionals who remain on the cutting edge of technique and product offerings.

We offer a unique solution that is not available through any other company. Here's how it works:

  • We have sites that are already ranking highly on Google and Yahoo for the most common dental terms in your area.
  • Once your practice partners with Pro Media One, those sites are customized into your sites. Logos, branding, imagery and office information are all updated seemlessly so that your practice is immediately at the top of the search engines!
  • All phone calls and online leads are forwarded directly to your practice so that instant ROI is possible.

We only partner with one practice per city so that the partnering practice has our full attention and can dominate search in their area.

Contact us today to find out more information on sites available in your area. (866) 573-7750